• VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop

    Hook and Loop Fasteners are UK distributors and suppliers of only genuine VELCRO® Brand tapes. We have an extensive range of VELCRO® Brand products from non-adhesive sew-on to self adhesive tapes in various types, we also stock the ONE WRAP® tape and a complete range of consumer packs.

    VELCRO<sup>®</sup> Brand Hook & Loop
  • Sew-On VELCRO® Brand Rolls

    Sew-on VELCRO® Brand tape available in a range of widths and colours on 25 metre trade rolls. Perfect for all fabrics and can be machine washed.

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    Sew-On VELCRO<sup>®</sup> Brand Rolls
  • Self Adhesive VELCRO® Brand Rolls

    Self adhesive VELCRO® Brand fastener supplied with a rubber resin adhesive pre-applied to the back of the tape and suitable for almost any application. The self adhesive rolls are ideal for the trade and are available in a range of widths and colours.

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    Self Adhesive VELCRO<sup>®</sup> Brand Rolls
  • VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Stick On

    VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty is just that bit tougher than standard stick-on. These Coins, Strips and Tapes have 50% more holding power thanks to the moulded plastic hook feature, and boast a seriously strong, water-resistant adhesive primed to cope with your most demanding indoor and some outdoor projects too.

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    VELCRO<sup>®</sup> Brand Heavy Duty Stick On
  • VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Straps

    VELCRO® Brand ONE WRAP® back to back strap, ideal for making your own ties or straps. Hundreds of uses around the home and workplace.

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    VELCRO<sup>®</sup> Brand ONE-WRAP<sup>®</sup> Straps
  • Sew-on Consumer Packs

    Sew-on handy packs, pre cut in 1, 5 and 10 metre lengths, supplied with both hook and loop side per pack.

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    Sew-on Consumer Packs
  • Self Adhesive Coins & Squares

    Self adhesive coins available in 13 and 22mm diameter supplied on 25 metre trade rolls, handy packs of coins and squares in various sizes and quantities. All perfect for any craft and display application.

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    Self Adhesive Coins & Squares
  • VELCRO® Brand Stick-on Packs

    Perfect for those of you who only want a small piece of VELCRO® Brand self adhesive tape, these handy consumer packs come in a range of lengths from 1 to 10 metres, with both the hook and loop side supplied.

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    VELCRO<sup>®</sup> Brand Stick-on Packs
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TEXACRO® 20mm White Self Adhesive Hook
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TEXACRO® 20mm White Self Adhesive Loop
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Genuine VELCRO® Brand UK Retailer

This website is dedicated to offering only the very best hook and loop tape and fasteners available, that's why we only stock genuine VELCRO® Brand tape. From adhesive stick-on tape to sew-on and even iron-on, to specialist hook and loop like ONE WRAP® strap, coins and consumer handy packs.

There are many hook and loop products available to you today, however most provide only a close copy to the VELCRO® Brand range, and cannot offer the support or backing that the true VELCRO® Brand product offers.